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Homeland Security Advisor, Brigadier General, Johnny Lizama


Johnny S. Lizama was appointed as the Homeland Security Advisor on August 1, 2015 and is the Governor’s Special Assistant for Homeland Security. As the Homeland Security Advisor, he is overall responsible for the Government of Guam’s Office of Homeland Security. His primary duties and responsibilities include all activities related to the protection of Guam and its people from terrorism, invasion, insurrection, rebellion, lawless violence, or similar threat. 
Prior to his appointment, Lizama was in the Active Guard Reserve program and has over 37 years of military service. He holds the rank of Brigadier General in the Guam National Guard and is currently serving as the Assistant Adjutant General-Air. He is the first Chamorro Airman to be promoted to the rank of Brigadier General.


Administrator for the Office of Civil Defense, Charles V. Esteves


Charles V. Esteves was appointed as the Administrator for the Office of Civil Defense on July 2, 2015. As the Administrator, Esteves is responsible for coordinating the activities of all organizations as it relates to the protection of Guam and its people from disasters, natural and manmade, and during emergency events. Esteves was also appointed as the Director of the nation’s 78th Fusion Center, Mariana Regional Fusion Center (MRFC). As the director for the MRFC, he is overall responsible for the operational control of all MRFC activities and operates under the direct oversight of Guam’s Homeland Security Advisor, Johnny Lizama. Prior to his appointment, Esteves was in the Federal Government and served as a Training Technician under the National Guard Military Technical Program.