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Community Urged to Refrain from Calling Back International Phone Number; Scam Could Result in High Rate for Customers

The Offices of Guam Homeland Security and Civil Defense (GHS/OCD) along with the Mariana Regional Fusion Center (MRFC), in coordination with local telecommunication companies, are closely monitoring reports of local telephone numbers receiving calls from unusual or unexpected international numbers.

Customers may be held liable for calls made from their phones, even though it is to a fraudulent number. To avoid being scammed by the international number scheme, the following are important reminders:

·Do not answer any unexpected calls from international or unusual numbers.
·If you have a missed call from an international or unusual number, do not be tempted to call back
·Block the number, if possible
Contact your local telecommunication provider for more information regarding charges or inquiries about your account:
·GTA: (671) 644-4482
·IT&E: (671) 922-4483
·Docomo Pacific: (671) 688-2273
·iConnect: (671) 888-8888
Residents are advised to report any suspicious activity or social media posts relating to the fraudulent scam to the MRFC online at https://mlrin.org/ or email teammrfc@mlrin.org or call 475-0400, following the Department of Homeland Security’s campaign, “If You See Something, Say Something.”

For more information, please contact the GHS/OCD Public Information Officer, Jenna G. Blas at (671) 489-2540 or via email at jenna.g.blas@ghs.guam.gov.


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