Joint Information Center Releases regarding the Dengue Virus
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JIC Release No. 26 - Practice Safety as Recovery Efforts Continue through the Weekend

Recovery efforts are ongoing. The community is advised to continue to traverse at a slower pace to make way for response officials.

Emergency recovery response work include debris clearing by the Department of Public Works, temporary debris site management with the Mayors offices, Guam Power Authority crews and Guam Waterworks Authority crews continue assessment and work on utilities.

The community is advised to practice courtesy for the responders:

• Allow the authorities to safely conduct their jobs by allowing enough room on the roadways and at each job site
• Reduce speed and proceed with caution
• Do not use your cellphones while driving
• Allow enough braking distance between vehicles
• Observe your surroundings at all times
• Comply with traffic signs, watching for traffic cones and larger response vehicles

For more information, contact the Guam Homeland Security / Office of Civil Defense 24/7 watch desk at (671) 475-9600 or (671) 482-7019.


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June 2018 is Typhoon Preparedness Month