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JIC Release No. 34 - NEWS: GHC gives six families option to move into low-cost rental homes

NEWS: GHC gives six families option to move into low-cost rental homes 

The Guam Housing Corp. has units available in its inventory for families and has given six families the option to move into one of them. The homes are located at Lada Gardens and Sagan Linayan in Dededo. 

“These homes are transitional but could be the start of a longer process to get them into permanent housing – hopefully even home ownership,” said Guam Housing Corp. President Chris Duenas. 

GHC also is working with Guam Housing and Urban Renewal Authority to find emergency and/or temporary housing for other families in need. “Some of the families have the ability to rent low-cost rental homes and other families have vouchers from GHURA already and it’s a matter of finding inventory that meets their needs,” Duenas said. 

Other families are eager to return to their properties and begin the process of rebuilding. While the government can’t build homes for individuals on their private properties, there may be an ability to assist through a mix of grants and low-interest loans.

The Guam Housing Corp. has successfully assisted families get into their very own homes over the years – some of whom started out as living with family and friends or even on the streets.

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