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With the remaining customers to be restored to island power, across Guam, Guam Power Authority (GPA) crews continue aggressively and full-force restoration work in the north, central and southern sectors, 24-hours/7-days.

Island-wide, GPA crews are completing removal of heavy vegetation in damaged cluster areas; and making repairs including transformer replacements, restoration of downed pole(s), pole top equipment repairs, low voltage conditions, partial power situations, etc. Safety for the GPA crews completing this complex work while feeder lines are energized, is a critical consideration for the GPA restoration operations. GPA thanks all customers and the community for their patience and support of all GPA crews.

Customer(s) still without power are requested to call GPA's 24-Hour Trouble Dispatch at 475-1472/3/4 to report their power outage situation.

All customers who can receive power service will be restored. Customers are advised to conduct their home and property assessments and make repairs to any damaged electrical power service components, which are provided by and maintained by the customer.

GPA further announces that village streetlight trouble reports will be addressed at a later time of the island-wide power restoration process.

All GPA customers are advised that periodic or multiple 30-minute outages or power interruptions may occur throughout the post-storm restoration period, as the island wide power system continues to stabilize:
  1. For any emergency situation
  2. To allow GPA to energize additional customers onto a circuit serving an area already energized
  3. Or, when an already energized power line fails after being energized, from heat causing weak points on a line restored after typhoon damage

To see the GPA's original release, click here.
Click here to see GPA's infographic on customer damaged electrical components.

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June 2018 is Typhoon Preparedness Month